The key requirements to join us are having TeamSpeak 3 and a working microphone. It is also imperative that all applicants are aged 16 and above. These key requirements are non-negotiable.

How to join us?

If you meet the key requirements and would like to be a part of this exciting gaming community it only takes a few minutes to do so. Simply press here to register to our forums and then fill in an application for your chosen game.


From nightly inhouses, regular fun games, monthly competitive tournaments across all of our supported games and even the occasional community meet and greet theres a little something for everyone in CV. We know how everyone likes to win things too, so we strive to run as many giveaways as we can for all our loyal members!


The Chaos Vanguard is an international multi-gaming community. We're a community driven platform that brings like minded gamers together. Its our belief that playing with other gamers enhances our gaming experience and that is exactly what we offer across the range of games that we support.
We actively bring the players of those supported games together within CV. The environment we offer allows our members to form regular groups and teams with people they may otherwise have never met. Through our TeamSpeak server we offer voice communication for our members to further complement their experience. With hundreds of people online on our TS3 Server all day, everyday, spread across the dozen or so games that we support, you're sure to find someone to game with in The Chaos Vanguard!

The Fallen Vanguards

This section of our website is in remembrance of our members that have sadly fallen. Forever shall we remember them, though they are no longer with us in person, they shall never be forgotten, for they are always in our Memories.




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Our Servers

Below is a quick snapshot of all of our Servers/Services, for more information you can checkout the Statistics page Here All servers can be "Clicked" on and they will show minute snapshot information, the servers are currently being updated every milliseconds

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Servers

We currently host 4 CS:GO servers on our game server.

Other Game Servers

Feel like taming a dinosaur, Blowing up some people, flying a Hellicopter into Combat? Check out our other servers!

Miscellaneous Servers

TeamSpeak and any other game servers we're hosting.

Our Affiliates

  • Gamers Apparel

    Gamers Apparel

    All your Clothing Needs

    GamersApparel offer gamers with comfortable, high quality clothing products and accessories at affordable prices. Official CV Merchandise can be purchased via our GamersApparel store!

  • Affiliate 2


    Find your Next Challenge

    Battlefy is a recent addition to our list of affiliates but one which we are very excited about. Battlefy allows us to easily control, host and manage multiple events across all of our supported games and is proving to be a very popular tool for both the CV Staff and Members.

  • Affiliate 3


    Goldmine for Games

    Kinguin is an alternative marketplace to buy cut price games! Tried and tested by many CV Members we thoroughly recommend Kinguin to all our fellow gamers. We are proud to be apart of the Kinguin Affiliate program.